Financial Advisory and International Partnerships

There is no "business school" recipe for success in your rapidly evolving business arena. Decisions must be made and executed with focus and precision. Times change, breaking old paradigms and creating new challenges. To discern the real opportunities from the mirages, you can rely on the wisdom BlueSentinel offers.

We can offer you experienced and unbiased counsel to discern whether the best growth strategy is finding acquisition targets, negotiating a joint venture, consolidating core business or spinning-off affiliates or business units.

BlueSentinel can help you complete strategic acquisitions by conducting the due diligence required, developing the financial valuation model, preparing the tender offer and by negotiating the deal together. From merging two steel pipe manufacturers; to appraising 20 foreign subsidiaries of a publisher that was our client's potential joint venture partner, we have helped many organizations in different sectors conduct successful mergers and acquisitions.